Born in 1995, Thibault lives and works in Rouen, Normandy. After graduating from Les Beaux Arts School of Rouen, he received the DNSEP degree. He first was trained for two years in the textile industry after which he created a fashion blog online that he kept active for 3 years.
This valuable experience fed his artistic work, both thanks to the creative people he met online and thanks to the many inspiring collaborations he had with some brands.. 
Since the emergence of the selfie, our relationship to portrait and self-image evolved. With a large part of the world sharing snippets of their lives and intimate moments on social media in order to demonstrate a form of fulfillment, the representation of self changed and became ubiquitous. 
Nothing is left to chance, as Thibault imagines and creates displays of every character he met at a given moment in his life. He thoroughly chooses his subjects’ outfits, decorative items and other allegorical symbols that illustrate themes aiming to judge our modern society. All pieces are inspired by his models, their social or political engagement, and their passions, but also inspired by the content they expose on their social media.